Ready to create your first Proxima campaign? This document will walk you through the step-by-step setup.

Define Your Objective

  • First, define your objective, bid strategy, and attribution window. As our audiences are built based on transactional data, we recommend using them for conversion campaigns with the bid strategy and attribution window that you see the best results with account-wide. OR that you use on your top prospecting campaign.

Create Your Campaign

  • Duplicate your top spending prospecting campaign and delete all but the top spending ad set in the campaign

    • Delete the ads in the ad set

  • At this point, you should have a Proxima test campaign with a single Proxima ad set


💡Tip: We recommend adding "Proxima" to your campaign name and the audience type to your ad set name so you can easily monitor performance across our audiences. For example, if your category is health, we recommend naming the ad set Proxima Health -Recent Shoppers

Add Proxima Audiences to Your Existing Campaign

  • If you are planning on running Proxima audiences within your prospecting campaign, duplicate your top performing ad set

  • Swap out the current audience for each Proxima audience

    • Make sure you have the correct attribution window and objective

      • Delete the ads in the ad set

Create Your Ad Sets

  • Duplicate the Proxima Ad Set to match the number of audiences you plan to run

  • Select all ad sets, hit the drop down next to edit, and hit name

    • Name all Ad Sets Proxima Category - Shopper Type

  • Hit the edit drop down and hit custom audience

    • Apply one Lookalike audience per ad set


  • Apply your standard prospecting exclusions

💡Tip: If you have limited testing budget, try stacking our audiences into one ad set

  • If you are running ABO:

    • Select all ad sets, hit the edit drop down and hit budget

      • Set identical budgets at the ad set level

  • If you are running on CBO:

    • Set the budget at the campaign level

Not sure what budget to set our audiences to? Check out our budgeting guide.

Add Your Creative

  • Select all your prospecting campaigns and go to the ad level view

    • Ranked the ads by spend over the last 30 days

    • Identify the 4-6 top performing prospecting ads

    • Duplicate them into your Proxima ad sets

  • When feasible, re-use existing Post (repeat for each ad you will be using)

    • Hit edit on the original Ad you duplicated

    • Hit share and “Facebook Share with Comments”

    • If the ad is dynamic (i.e. has different sizes per type of placement) click on the timestamp for when the post was published

    • Copy everything after "/posts/"


    • Go to the Proxima ad set version of the ad and under the ad set-up section select “Use Existing Post”

    • Click “Enter Post ID” and enter the URL

    • You will need to set up the URL parameters again as they are not transferred


  • Once completed for each ad, duplicate the ads from the Proxima ad set into the remaining Proxima ad sets

💡Tip: Make sure you modify the placements for ads where the media file dimensions vary under "Ad Creative"

Once you have set up each ad set and applied the creative, you are ready to launch! 🚀

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