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You can seamlessly connect Facebook with Proxima in just a few clicks.

Why integrate Facebook with Proxima?

  • We'll upload new rounds of custom audiences to your Facebook ad account automatically.

  • We'll monitor campaign performance and turn off underperforming audiences.

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Step 1: Add Proxima as a business partner in Facebook

Complete the following procedure in Facebook to set up the integration:

  1. In your Facebook Business Settings, navigate to Ad accounts under the Accounts dropdown [A].

  2. Choose the ad account you want to connect with Proxima and select Assign Partners [B].

  3. Enter Proxima's business ID (173102116810966) [A] and grant Manage campaigns access [B].

ℹ️ Ad account access

Note that Proxima will never set any ads live. Ad account access is required to upload your custom audiences, create campaign and ad set shells, track performance, and turn off underperforming audiences.

Step 2: Share your ad account ID with Proxima

Complete the following procedure to share your ad account ID with the Proxima Team.

  1. Navigate to the integrations setup page and select Facebook.

  2. Click Get started.

  3. If you've already added Proxima as a business partner (see Step 1), jump to the second step of the integration flow: Share your ad account ID.

  4. Copy your ad account ID from your Facebook Business Settings and paste it in the field provided in Proxima's integration flow.

  5. Hit the Finish button to complete the integration setup.


We’re here to help! Contact our team to ask about the Proxima + Facebook integration.

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