Proxima is a data intelligence solution that brings Facebook paid advertising performance back to pre-iOS 14 levels. For the past decade before iOS 14, Facebook’s lookalike targeting engine has been the superior method of customer acquisition as it has been powered by conversion data that came from iOS devices all over the world. That data signal has since been lost due to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. Over 80% of iOS users are opting out of being tracked, leaving this incredibly powerful targeting technology dormant within Facebook.

Proxima replicates the lost signal by generating customized data sets from a proprietary database of over 50M unique US-based shoppers to revitalize Facebook’s powerful lookalike targeting capabilities.

Proxima will take you through several calibration rounds to determine how we can generate new audiences through non-standard paid marketing strategies. Instead of relying on traditional interest-based audiences or shopper lookalike audiences, our calibration process will test how we can reduce costs-per-click (CPC), increase purchases, and identify alternate audience types that best benefit your business. The ultimate goal is to find more capital-efficient and profitable solutions for lead acquisition.

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